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Stillwater Orchards...

Since 1860 when gold miners would bid gold nuggets for pears from Stillwater Orchards, David J. Elliot & Son has been known for the most flavorful and highest quality pears in the industry.


Grown on the rich soils of the Sacramento River Delta and nurtured by a family that takes pride in producing superior pears, the Elliot family controls all aspects of the production of the delicious fruit they produce.


From growing to packing and shipping our vertically integrated company can consistently assure our customers they are receiving the finest Pears, Cherries, and Kiwifruit available.​​


Stillwater Label
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Daily Label
Have One Label

Historical Labels

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California Pears

California River Pears



It’s California Kiwi season! Day two of
Any guesses on what these fuzzy cuties a
It is officially cherry season over here
California Cherries make us 😍
California Cherry season is almost here!
You make me blush ☺️🍐
Hi 👋🏼 baby fruit! Progress of our CCOF
One of our favorite sites around the Del
We are almost done packing Golden Bosc,
Our packing lines have turned green! 🍐
Just hanging ☺️
#BTS with _treetopinc today! Capturing t
Okay, I love you 🙌🏻
 maroon blush
Happy Monday from Stillwater Orchards! W
Evening walks in the orchard 🙌🏻
It's Friday, the sun is shining and the
Progress 🙌🏻 We’re counting down the da
Happy Friday from Stillwater Orchards! �
Aren't baby pears the cutest_ We think s
Happy Monday! We're waiting on that Delt
_Another day in the Pear biz! 🍐_ -Rich
You know what they say about pears, _Bre
Surrounded by 🍐🍐🍐 and we wouldn't hav
Waiting very patiently for our Golden Bo
Day 3 of Harvest! It's out of the orchar
It's the first day of packing here at Da
It was a rainy morning in the Delta 🍐
California Bartlett Pears are here! Fres
too large fruit
10 would agree
It was a beautiful morning here on the D
Can it be Pear season all year long_ 🍐·
Fresh from the field 🙌🏻 Stark Crimson
The sun is setting on our cold storage
Comice progress! If you haven’t tried a
So ready for the beautiful sight that is
Packing our Goldens! These beauties are
Summertime means only one thing for us..
It’s not California Pear Season until Ba
View from the top of our cold storage! W
Orchard views 🙌🏻 ·_·_·_·_·_·_· ·_#calp
California Bartlett Pears, can't get muc
We hope everyone had a fun filled Indepe
If ever there was a fruit that deserved
The wait is over, Golden Bosc are here!
Pear buds peeking through 💕
These perfectly imperfect pears are head
It may be cherry season now, but pear se
December is officially National Pear Mon
A Pear (or two) a day makes your tastebu
bartlett in hand
California Cherries

California Cherries


These unique red and yellow cherries are incredibly sweet and considered the most popular cherries in America.

Available MAY – JUNE

Pack Styles: 1.25 lb. High Graphic Pouch Bag

California Kiwifuit

California Kiwifruit


The most common variety of Kiwi in the US with a sweet and tropical flavor.

Available October-December

Pack Styles: 20lb V/F

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