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Since 1860 when gold miners would bid gold nuggets for pears from Stillwater Orchards, David J. Elliot & Son has been known for the most flavorful and highest quality pears in the industry.


Grown on the rich soils of the Sacramento River Delta and nurtured by a family that takes pride in producing superior pears, the Elliot family controls all aspects of the production of the delicious fruit they produce.


From growing to packing and shipping our vertically integrated company can consistently assure our customers they are receiving the finest Pears, Cherries, and Kiwifruit available.​​


Historical Labels


California River Pears

The most famous of pears with a sweet and juicy flesh.
Golden Bosc
Beautiful russeted skin with dense sweet-spicy and crisp flesh.
Stark Crimson
the Stark Crimson has the same sweet flavor as the popular Bartlett.
French Butter Pear
the French Butter has a creamy texture with a sweet and rich flavor.
Seckel Pear
Sometimes called “sugar pears” these small pears pack a sweet punch.
Hailey Red
Much like the Stark Crimson and Bartlett with a soft, sweet, and juicy flesh.
Sweet and juicy with a rich, buttery flavor and smooth texture.
Beautiful and textured skin filled wih juicy sweetness.
Organic Bartlett
Our Organic Bartlett pears are beautiful, sweet, and juicy and meet USDA and CCOF Organic Standards.
Organic Stark Crimson
Organic Stark Crimson
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California Cherries


These unique red and yellow cherries are incredibly sweet and considered the most popular cherries in America.

Available MAY – JUNE

Pack Styles: 1.25 lb. High Graphic Pouch Bag


California Kiwifruit


The most common variety of Kiwi in the US with a sweet and tropical flavor.

Available October-December

Pack Styles: 20lb V/F

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