Stillwater Orchards

Our Promise

Stillwater Orchards is a true family farm. Owned and operated by the Elliot Family since 1860, Stillwater Orchards has managed to retain the benefits of a family farm, including pride of ownership, commitment to quality, and stewardship of the land while staying at the forefront of technology and utilizing the tools needed in a rapidly changing industry.


The highest quality in the industry of fruit finish and flavor leads to increased sales.


Our dedication to providing superior service to make your job easier.

Complete Control

We only pack and sell what we grow providing complete control from the orchard to your shelf.

Varietal Mix

Complete varietal mix from Bartletts and Golden Bosc to Stark Crimson, Comice, Seckels, Haley Reds, and French Butter.

Packing Styles

We offer many styles of pack including returnable plastic containers and consumer pack.

Complete Traceability

Complete traceability. Since we have no outside growers establishing the source is simple

Sustainability and Certifications

We have made it our mission to be the best pear packing shed and go above and beyond to ensure we are meeting this goal. Our packing shed is certified by Primus Labs Inspection, our orchards by SQF and our organic procedures are certified by CCOF.