Stillwater Orchards

Stillwater Orchards is a true family farm. Owned and operated by the Elliot Family since 1860, Stillwater Orchards has managed to retain the benefits of a family farm, including pride of ownership, commitment to quality, and stewardship of the land while staying at the forefront of technology and utilizing the tools needed in a rapidly changing industry.

Our Labels

daily label bartletts
fresh bartlett pears
have one bartletts

California Pears

bartlett pears

Bartlett – The most famous of pears with a sweet and juicy flesh.

stark crimson

Stark Crimson – the Stark Crimson has the same sweet flavor as the popular Bartlett.

Beautiful russeted skin with dense sweet-spicy and crisp flesh. - Available AUG-NOV

Golden Bosc – Beautiful russeted skin with dense sweet-spicy and crisp flesh.

forelle pears

Forelle – Beautiful and textured skin filled wih juicy sweetness.

comice pears

Comice – Sweet and juicy with a rich, buttery flavor and smooth texture.

french butter pears

French Butter – the French Butter has a creamy texture with a sweet and rich flavor.

hailey red

Hailey Red – Much like the Stark Crimson and Bartlett with a soft, sweet, and juicy flesh.

seckel pears

Seckel – Sometimes called “sugar pears” these small pears pack a sweet punch.

taylors gold pears

Taylor’s Gold – the Taylor’s Gold pear has a russeted cinnamon colored skin and juicy flavor.

bartlett pears

Organic Bartlett – Our Organic Bartlett pears are beautiful, sweet, and juicy and meet USDA and CCOF Organic Standards.

Varietal Availabilty


California Cherries

rainier cherries cinemagraph


These unique red and yellow cherries are incredibly sweet and considered the most popular cherries in America. Available MAY – JUNE. Pack Styles: 1.25 lb. High Graphic Pouch Bag

California Kiwi

kiwi image

Hayward Kiwi

The most common variety of Kiwi in the US with a sweet and pleasant flavor. Pack Styles – 20lb V/F